Safi Ali Shah 2

In the name of Love, lover and beloved. In the name of the Truth, in the name of the Pir.

Hazrat Safi Ali-Shah II, Mahdi Sheikh-Bahaei, was born on the 22nd of April 1947, in Isfahan, the city of art, science and mystic knowledge of Iran.

His father, Hadj Mirza Ali Sheikh-Bahaei, known as Shirin, dedicated his life to Sufism, following his great grandfather, a famous philosopher of the Safavid era, Sheikh Bahaei Mohammd Ameli.
His mother was the granddaughter of Haj Mir Mohammad Sadegh Khatoon-Aboodi, one of the second generation of the famous gnostic writer of Rozato-Al-Janat and who was one of the greatest MASTERS in the path of wisdom and Sufism in the city of Esfahan.
Hazrat Safi Alishah the second has three sons, two daughters and four siblings all of whom are rooted in mysticism.
His passion for inner growth and true love was formed in very early age. His further steps in pursuing mysticism was initiated through his readings of ‘The Everything & The Nothing’ by Avatar Mehr Baba the Parsi-Indian Guru. This empowered his great interest in Hindu Mysticism. Therefore he pursued his passion further, which lead him to meet the great Master of the Safialishah, Abbas Hadi-Zadeh, known as Halghe be goosh. Hence his Safialishahi path of spiritual journey was started in here which gave him the great pleasure of meeting Manzur Ali Shah, the burning fire of his journey.
Aghajoun fell in love with Manzur Ali Shah and became a devoted disciple of his Master alongside of his wife, his spiritual companion. The fire of his love was so intense that Aghajoun treasured each and every breath at his presence. By the Order of his Master, his Pir, Aghajoun served many great Sufi leaders in his time, including Sheikh Abdul Karim Kasnazani, and Sheikh Osman Naghsh Bandi. Through these enlightenment, he was trained to grow from a learner to a Great Master.
Regretfully in October 1985, Hazrat Manzur departed his body. In pain of loosing his beloved Master, Aghajoun’s health became so fragile which lead him to dramatically deciding on leaving the country. Not long before that, he was invited by the great Master, Hazrat Seyed Ali Ashraf Sadeghi, the leader of Alavieye Ghaderie Sufi order, to lead the Sufis in Esfahan.
In addition since, 1991, Hazrat Munes Ali Shah, the Master of Nemat-o-Allahi, Safi Ali Shahi, requested Aghajoun to lead the Safialishah Sufis in Esfahan. Therefore the Namet-o-Allahi Safi Ali Shahi Khaneqa, was officially reopened. Thereafter Aghajoun decided to migrant from Iran and spread his words of wisdom wider, in serving his commitment to spiritual path of Sufism.
Not long after, the Nemat-o-Allahi Safialishahi Khaneqah was opened in Netherlands, where Sufis from around the world could join and be educated in Aghajoun presence. Aghajoun developed the concept of Sufism, the cultural language and shared his spiritual wisdom through numerous events and publications since 1998. He published an elaboration of the conceptual meanings of Rumi’s Masnawi, which helped deeper understanding of the Masnawi. Aghajoun’s other great work was to edit, develop and compare the ‘Lobe Lobab Masnawi’, a selection of Rumi’s masterpiece which was gathered by Mola Hossein Kashefi. These books has been translated into English, German and Dutch. The other Masterpiece of Aghajoun is Mokhamas, of Hazrat Safi AliShah which has also been translated into three language.
Through his magnificent effort in expanding mystic journey around the world, he travelled to different countries with his Sufis for different purposes, including, attending seminar and conferences and meeting individuals and mystic leaders. This historical movement lead to his legacy of unity and uniting, such as removing the boundaries between Muslim and Hiduism. In addition to his own publication, Aghajoun’s fascinating steps in pursuing and spreading spirituality and Sufism has been highlighted by many publicities.
Regretfully, his physical strength gradually weakened through his illness, and finally on Sunday 13 December 2015, our great Master responded to his invitation by his through beloved and left us in the material world. May his legacy and his path always be continued by those who love him truly and learned from him how to treasure all and every of the breaths and moments.